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Women Can’t F#@%ing Say That!

We join the Dames today on your favorite podcast covering sexism as they enjoy wine in a can. Hold on to your britches because Kelly and Tracy get feisty with each other in this episode, and agree there are just some things they will disagree about until they’re dead.

Congresswoman Tlaib Curses
The Dames begin by talking about the statement Congresswoman Tlaib from Michigan made on Swearing-in Day that caused an uproar. She said, “We are going to impeach the motherfu@#$!.”  Kelly argues that it’s sexism – a double standard for women.  A man (Trump) has used the same language and gotten away with it. If you can’t beat him, might as well join him, right? Tracy thinks that Talib has tarnished all the achievements that came with her election to office. Get yourself some popcorn; the discussion gets heated and entertaining.

Courage to Run Back at It
Frieda Edgette joins the Dames to discuss Courage to Run, a nonpartisan 5k run/walk based in D.C., and its path for 2019. Courage to Run is growing and plans to use the political “off” year to build up support for women to live healthy and lead effectively. You can listen to the first time we spoke with Frieda here.

Elizabeth Warren and Likeability
Finally, The Button has Kelly and Tracy talking about Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Run once again; it’s only been a week since she stepped into the presidential election and the lady shit has already hit the f#$% fan. What is the issue surrounding women candidates? If the issue isn’t likeability than is it just sexism and misogyny? Or is there more to it than that?

Women Are Equal But Not Equal

Women can do anything men can do, including trek across Antarctica. The Ice Maiden team, six women from the British army, did just that.

The Button! surfaced sexism by the Chicago Tribune regarding one of the five women running to be mayor of Chicago. The social media headline on a piece about Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza read, “If Boss Madigan and Rahm Emanuel conceived a daughter, she’d be Susana Mendoza.” As Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington puts it, “To portray an accomplished, savvy woman with 20 years in politics as the Frankenstein monster love child of two men is as sexist as it gets.”

This leads to a larger discussion: Even though times are changing, some men still credit women’s successes to the men they’ve known and compare everything women do to how a man would do it. As evidence, Kelly shares the story about a progressive man who couldn’t seem to speak of a colleague in anything but pronouns and asks the question, “Is a deeply internalized sexism bubbling to the surface now that overt sexism is shamed?”

Women can do anything men can do, but research shows women get far more stressed about doing anything, even when they don’t have to. Luckily, there are ways for women to manage stress (besides booze and Xanax) that will improve relationships at work and at home.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you! Thank you for listening. We have big plans for 2019, so stay tuned for more and tell your friends about Dame It All To Hell!


Just two weeks from the midterm elections and the President has called Stormy Daniels “horseface”. Tracy and Kelly talk about Carly Fiorina’s recent column calling the statement disrespectful but pointing out that women have bigger problems. Then they stop to enjoy some Worthy Cabernet Sauvignon.

In the new segment, “Google News Button,” they talk about Rachel Hundley, a Sonoma, California City Councilwoman who was slut-shamed for her actions as the appointed mayor. Then things get really crazy when they review the recent Business Insider article about the unreal life of Melania Edwards. They don’t appreciate her. At all. Seriously. They kinda hate her. And their very charmed lives are nothing like that bitch’s make-believe fantasy life. (We’re sure she’s actually a lovely person.)

Happy Happy Joy Joy

With all the stress in the world today, the Dames take some time to talk about happiness. Frieda Edgette continues her conversation with Tracy and Kelly about the things we all can do to stay balanced and positive, even if you work in politics.

Frieda is the driving force behind Courage To Run, the nation’s first nonpartisan run and walk that celebrates the rising wave of women getting civically active and running for office. Frieda talks to the Dames about how the run can elevate the mindset, endurance and heartfelt vision needed to be healthy and lead effectively in civic life today. We encourage everyone to participate!

To close out our Happiness episode, Kelly goes through HuffPo’s 8 Habits of Incredibly Happy Women” to see if Tracy agrees with them. Tracy is pretty sure the author doesn’t have kids or run a company because she thinks at least half are bullshit.

Don’t worry, be happy, and enjoy the latest episode!

Indiana Solo and the Temple of Boobs


After a few heartfelt and sobering words regarding the immigration crisis at the border, Tracy and Kelly launch into one of their funniest episodes ever.

We’re talking PIMPS! Dennis Hof, a strip club and brothel owner in Nevada, looks set to win election to the state legislature, launching the Dames into a hilarious dissection of the…let’s just say the mechanics of the sex trade.

President Trump announces a “Space Force” and Kelly gets her Harrison Ford movie themes all confused. Please don’t sue us, Disney, we really love your CODE: Rosie project!

In pure happiness mode, Chris Pratt dishes out sound advice to the next generation: Breath, poop, pray. Tracy closes the show with some strong words for Bare Lifts: “Duct tape, bitches!”