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Criminal Justice Fail

Tracy & Kelly are on a serious note with this episode.

A Victim Fights Back

The Dames dive into a highly publicized sexual assault case they believe was not handled properly by the courts. A D.C.-area woman was assaulted while on a run but the man who committed the crime got off with a misdemeanor charge, 10 days in jail (at his convenience), and probation. When the woman found out her attacker was not complying with his sentence, she took things into her own hands and publicized his behavior. The Dames examine how the criminal justice system failed her and the injustice surrounding the entire case.

Perceived Pain Between Girls & Boys

Gender bias beginning at an early age is the topic of The Button. A study conducted to determine how people perceive pain experienced by boys versus girls concluded that stereotypes begin at an early age. The Dames discuss (but don’t entirely agree on) what that means for gender bias.    

Nevada Makes History

Way to go Nevada, the first state in US History to have women holding the majority in the state legislature! The Dames tip their hats to the Silver State, review the number of women serving in office, and what it could mean for the future of women in this country.

Men are Scared? Welcome to Our World.

Tracy on the road and, sadly, doesn’t get to drink wine with Kelly and Richard. Apparently, coconut milk coffee isn’t the same.

The national conversation about Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation has changed from why it’s important to believe women who experience sexual assault to why it’s important to protect men from false accusers. Seriously, what the fuck?

Tracy points out that just 28% of rape and sexual assault are committed by strangers, so maybe women should stop being so afraid of walking to their cars at night and start being willing to spray mace in the faces of the men they know.

If men are afraid to say sexual things to women, to touch women, or to behave in any way that may result in them being accused of bad behavior…that’s a GOOD THING!


In this very energetic episode, Tracy and Kelly tackle recent news that NY AG Eric Schneiderman is a hypocrite of superhero proportions, championing women’s issues by day and beating and humiliating his girlfriends by night. Seriously, how do you go to the police when your abuser is the AG?

Crazy Shit People Say: Don Blankenship, candidate for Senate from West Virginia, is an Americaperson who really doesn’t like Chinapeople.

Michelle Obama’s call for women to take more risks gets Kelly and Tracy into a raw, honest debate about the expectations women should have about how they’ll be treated when they fail. One says women are held to higher standards so failure has greater consequences as long as sexism reigns in the workplace. The other says things won’t change until women act like the standards are equal. Are you #TeamTracy or #TeamKelly? Let us know!