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My Snow Is Bigger Than Your Snow

Kelly and Tracy have survived “Snurlough” in DC!

Iceland Aims to End the Gender Gap
The Dames start this episode off with examining Iceland’s new law to put an end to the gender gap 2022 by paying men and women in the same job position equal amounts. Tracy is unsure, thinking this new law may backfire on women already in higher paid positions. Kelly ponders if qualification should be the only basis on hiring for a job. Is this law a solution to a worldwide sexist problem?

The Button: Banned Vibrator!
A Robotic Vibrator that was banned at the Consumer Electronic Show is the hot topic of the Button. Kelly is having a hard time keeping her shit together while Tracy tells her about the vibrator, a sex robot, and some virtual reality porn. Once Kelly is able to get it together, the Dames bounce around the idea that women’s sexual independence may be frightening for men.

A First for Female Marines
For the first time in history, a platoon of female Marines will be training alongside their counterparts at a joint bootcamp. Our dames explore whether this lucky mistake could, indeed, be beneficial to both sides and the sexism that has been known to occur in the military.

Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly
Finally, if you know the Dames you knew that the R. Kelly documentary would eventually come up in an episode. While the episode is not for the faint of heart, Kelly gives a brief rundown of it and the Dames question if anything will come from it or if the music industry will keep him untouchable.

Women Can’t F#@%ing Say That!

We join the Dames today on your favorite podcast covering sexism as they enjoy wine in a can. Hold on to your britches because Kelly and Tracy get feisty with each other in this episode, and agree there are just some things they will disagree about until they’re dead.

Congresswoman Tlaib Curses
The Dames begin by talking about the statement Congresswoman Tlaib from Michigan made on Swearing-in Day that caused an uproar. She said, “We are going to impeach the motherfu@#$!.”  Kelly argues that it’s sexism – a double standard for women.  A man (Trump) has used the same language and gotten away with it. If you can’t beat him, might as well join him, right? Tracy thinks that Talib has tarnished all the achievements that came with her election to office. Get yourself some popcorn; the discussion gets heated and entertaining.

Courage to Run Back at It
Frieda Edgette joins the Dames to discuss Courage to Run, a nonpartisan 5k run/walk based in D.C., and its path for 2019. Courage to Run is growing and plans to use the political “off” year to build up support for women to live healthy and lead effectively. You can listen to the first time we spoke with Frieda here.

Elizabeth Warren and Likeability
Finally, The Button has Kelly and Tracy talking about Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Run once again; it’s only been a week since she stepped into the presidential election and the lady shit has already hit the f#$% fan. What is the issue surrounding women candidates? If the issue isn’t likeability than is it just sexism and misogyny? Or is there more to it than that?

Male Ego In The Way

Welcome to 2019! New Year, same shit. The Dames dive into a story about why women in power are called “difficult”. They discuss the double standard women in power face compared their male counterparts, and agree that women should turn the situation into a positive rather than dwelling on it.

Ready or not, the Presidential campaign season has begun. Kelly thinks it’s epic that Elizabeth Warren is the first candidate to get her campaign rolling. Tracy may not be too fond of her, but she can’t deny the awesomeness of the first candidate being a fierce woman.

The Button is back! The Dames wish they had some wine to cheers to a peaceful protest that took place in India. Shortly, after New Years, millions of women joined together to form a chain to protest the sexism and oppression of women in their country. The Dames discuss whether the “Me Too” movement become a global movement for women?

A Keira Knightly quote has Kelly and Tracy talking about the male anatomy. An interesting discussion ensues out of the idea that penises are convenient. It leads the Dames to pose some questions and attempt to answer them; Why is a name given to masculine girls? Why are women told what it is to be female? Is men’s sexuality more understood than women’s?

Baby, It’s Cold (and Stormy) Outside

Join the Dames for their last episode of 2018! They are fully invested in the holiday season and ready to spread some holiday cheer.

Our Dames begin by discussing Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. They speculate about whether a sitting president will go after a pornstar for money awarded to him in court. Kelly and Tracy mutually agree that at this point Donald Trump is practically bulletproof. Aaaannnnd…this is where all agreement in this episode ceases.

Harvey Weinstein’s newest move in the courts to get a sexual assault case dismissed kicks off the Dames’ disagreement. Tracy poses the question that if people f*@# up do we allow them to change and come back to function in society? Kelly is quick to suggest that their place in society should be limited to a host position at TGIF.

Things continue to get heated when they talk about the classic (misogynist?) holiday song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” What is the true meaning behind the song; is it about a girl just wanting to get laid or a man trying the rape her? For Tracy the answer is black and white, while for Kelly it is a very, very gray world we live in.

Tracy’s New Year’s Resolution is to care less and Kelly wants to hustle harder and love harder.  The Dames take next week off. See you next year!

We Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

The Dames are feeling like Hollywood stars today! They’ve had full hair blowouts and have a shit-ton of make-up on for their video debut—all so the world can see a different side of them…but you’ll have to wait for that.

You know it is going to be a good show when Tracy starts by saying “this is going to be uncomfortable.”

The Dames are at odds over an article in Politico Magazine about what it’s like to be a female political consultant. Tracy argues against its anecdotal bias and “whiney” sound of the article, while Kelly’s stance is that it has to be anecdotal—it’s women’s stories, after all. Tracy gets sensitive (for a change) as the Dames discuss different aspects of the business that historically, has been primarily male-based. Is that fact based on sexism or a lack of women helping women? One thing our Dames agree on is the game needs to change!

Tying into the previous topic, Kelly introduces an article that Steph Curry wrote discussing how men and dads need to step up for women and join the fight for women’s equality. Kelly and Tracy discuss the gender roles in their households. They pose a strong question, how do we achieve diverse voices in this day and age?