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Meet Kelly Gibson

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She hustles twice as hard, speaks twice as fast, and wants it twice as bad as everyone around her.

Kelly spent her summers in high school welding, electropolishing and pin stamping at the family stainless steel factory. And the winters, competing as a nationally ranked Freestyle skier, on the freezing cold slopes of Western New York.  The grit it took to survive being the boss’s daughter and one of the only girls on the factory floor, and the ski run, has stayed with her in the impossible arena of political media consulting.

Early on in her career, Kelly was told “you have to play the game” and she took it to heart. As a board member at the American Association of Political Consulting, a progressive regular on FOX News and an opinion leader on panel after panel­, Kelly proves what she has learned over a decade in politics in every conversation.

Kelly loves her job. There is an amazing moment when a regular American sees a political TV ad and realizes it matters who you vote for, that is the moment Kelly owns.  A reluctant extrovert, Kelly loves understanding people and knows the government is a positive part of American structure. She is good at bringing that all together.

 Despite never having enough time, 10 years ago Kelly managed to marry the love her life, Caleb. He is a hardworking progressive, who can throw a party, raise the kids and crush it at work. She had two sons, 5 and 7 years old (of course they will be feminists), and has an amazing group of kick-ass friends, who will change the world. Because if not us then who? And if not now then when?

 Kelly brings it every week on Dame It All to Hell, sparring with her ride or die, Tracy Dietz. Kelly and Tracy shy away from nothing because talking about it makes it real, and important. Something Kelly (and Tracy) are very proud of.

"Kelly Gibson makes me a better person."

"How she navigates our male-dominated world with such kindness, I don't know" –Tracy Dietz