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Tracy Dietz

Tracy Dietz was an American Association of Political Consultants 40-under-40 winner and one of Campaigns & Elections 50 Influencer’s changing the future of politics. She is also a past President of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the AAPC. Read more

Kelly Gibson

Kelly Gibson spends much of her free time combating gender inequality—from serving on the Running Start Advisory Board training young women to run for office, to working to amplify the input of women on professional panels, boards and conferences. Read more

Meet the Dames


Kelly Gibson and Tracy Dietz are firecrackers.

Back in 2015, they were strangers who happened to be seated at the same table for a private dinner during a professional conference. Surrounded by men who only wanted to talk about how pretty they looked, a friendship was born when they asked, in unison, "Why are men so awful?"

From that moment, they knew things were going to change. Over the next two years, at conferences, meetings, and social events, they became an inseparable duo challenging men's biases and bad behavior in the male-dominated political campaign industry. And they're not going to stop.

"Tracy Dietz is completely fearless," Kelly says, "there's nothing she can't do! I love her. She's my sister from a different mister."

Tracy agrees. "Kelly understands me like no one else," she says. "We've had such similar experiences throughout our lives and careers, it's hard to understand how we can be so different."

In the fall of 2017, Tracy took her first foray into podcasting–but in the pilot episode, a male co-host told her no one wanted to hear her talk about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. She decided he was wrong, called Kelly, and together they created Dame It All To Hell.

"The podcast makes me a better person," Tracy says. "The issues we talk about aren't easy. I think we put them in perspective, and whether we agree or fight there's never any doubt that there's a lot of grey area. It's never really black-and-white."

"Dame It All has been such a tremendous outlet for dealing with all the issues since the Weinstein scandal broke," adds Kelly. "We get to talk out loud about all the news, but also about what we experience every day as professionals and business owners. I think that openness is why the show is connecting with so many people."

"Plus," they say together, "we get to see each other every week!"

Listen to Dame It All To Hell and hear it for yourself.