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Meet Tracy Dietz

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Tracy Dietz is NOT what you would expect. The former beauty queen turned CEO loves skulls, swears ALL the time, and is probably smarter than you.

Hailing from the great state of North Carolina, this Tarheel has been running circles around Washington, DC for 22 years. After she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, we mentioned she was a Tarheel, she moved to New Jersey to work for a lobbying firm. Culture shock set in so she headed back south to D.C. to work for an internet startup because of her love for tech. Realizing she HAD to get back into politics, she moved on to the American Association of Political Consultants and never looked back. After her reign as E.D., she moved on to Campaigns & Elections magazine and was the Associate Publisher. There, she got to know every political consultant in the country. Her desire to get back into tech led her to L2, where she was the Executive Vice President. After growing L2 into a data and tech empire, she was recruited to take the helm at DonorBureau, an Artificial Intelligence company making waves in the fundraising industry.

On a personal note, she can probably drink more than you, is happy to play golf at 7 am (but only if there is maple bourbon), and can still do a split. It’s no shocker she was on the Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful people’s list and was an AAPC 40 under 40 winner and one of Campaigns & Elections 50 Influencers changing politics.

In short, she’s pretty badass and she’s just getting started. She adores her husband Greg, who is exceptional in his own right, even though he went to the University of Michigan. Her two children, Addison, also known as "the CEO" and Charley, known as "the NINJA", keep her crazy busy with dance competitions, ice hockey, tae kwon do, and gymnastics.

"Tracy Dietz is fearless"

"There's literally nothing she can't do! – Kelly Gibson